Does irrationality bother you as much as it does us?

Have you ever felt like shouting out loud and pulling your hair off as a reaction to something someone, perhaps, at the other side of the world has done or said?

Well… we do; a lot… and hence this blog.

If you are looking for reason and rationality- you have come to the right place. Sadly (or not so much so), that comes with some amount of arrogance. But surely, we do recognise that what we present here are our personal opinions and they differ, even within ourselves. We believe in freedom of speech. Feel free to leave your comments and opinions. We pride ourselves in being open-minded enough to take differences. Your comments will not be edited or moderated (but may be strongly contested)- unless of course, you are being abusive, irrationally.

By the way, welcome!

We would love to share our views, frustrations at the irrationalities and idiosyncrasies that our fellow earthlings cook up in their brains at times… and, hopefully, in an entertaining manner.

Enjoy your stay!


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