The Busy ‘Bee Zee’:
Bee Zee is a busy body, but he manages to bash irrationality nonetheless. When not bashing irrationality, Bee Zee can be found taking groovy pictures or debating various aspects of world politics.

The Daring 'Dust':
Dust is the nerdy one. When not bashing irrationality you may find Dust overdosing on information, savouring Japanese cuisine or kicking your butt in taekwondo.

The Hungry ‘Honey Dijon Mustard’:
Honey Dijon Mustard has a way in handling irrationality. When not handling irrationality, HDM can be found lazing out over the www-land, appreciating many different kinds of music and daydreaming about food.

The Krazy ‘Kay’:
Kay is the sane one, but don’t let it fool you, she can be crazy too- crazy with a ‘K’. When not bashing stupidity Kay can be found in a children’s sanitorium…. yea, I’m told they need wardens! Surprise surprise!

The Peevish ‘Pepper’:
Pepper has a very low tolerance level for many things in the world; stupidity comes in one of the first 5 in the list. When not bashing stupidity and irrationality Pepper can be found writing a novel… okay not a novel.. but one crap or the other.

The Random 'Rugrat’:
Rugrat is the geek aspiring to be the Photoshop guru. When not bashing stupidity, Rugrat can be found gobbling up information apparently useless or photoshopping himself to the image of his cat. Trust it, this has happened.

The Sublime 'Sage’:
Sage is the youngest member of the group and itched by irrationality just as much, if not more. When not bashing irrationality Sage can be found writing fiery columns and studying for his degree.

The Volcanic 'Vinegar':
Vinegar is the volatile one and loves to bash irrationality. When not bashing irrationality, Vinegar is sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet and in need of a chill pill!


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