Lines, Borders and Human Rights

Natural Growth.

Well, what is natural growth? If you ask me however- I’d say it’s the way a child grows, or plants do... or kittens...It’s the way your life grows.... you grow- from child to teenager, teenager to adult, young to old. It’s the way your hair grows, thins and greys.

It’s also the way cities grow... the way they get more crowded, the way there are more roads, more cars, more sound... less trees. It’s the way they grow upwards, houses keep getting smaller and playgrounds less in number. It’s the way we are a little closer to the skies to make room for all of us.

Yes, that is natural growth; not what happens in West Bank, Gaza. Because only in West Bank, there exists a ‘unique’ phenomenon of uprooting the local Palestinians off the area because the ‘ever-growing Israeli population would need more room’ as a consequence of their ‘natural growth’.

Can you imagine India making room into Pakistan, Bangladesh making room into India, Iran into Afghanistan, or France into Germany, Spain into France, Italy into Austria... it does not work this way. This is not how it’s done, this is simply not fair.

You don’t grow naturally into another’s place, and much less in a place that’s not yours in any sense but religious. You believe that’s your place because some holy book says so.... you don’t move natural inhabitants off a land because the land you’ve taken from them needs to expand.... if anything, this is a blatant violation of human rights; don’t let any ‘holy’ book tell you anything different.


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