beep the beepers and honk the honkers

6:15am wake-up alarm goes off...

I force myself out of bed, brush my teeth and get my things ready for a dreadful drive to work....its not toooooo far but the insanely drivers around me make it a never ending journey, And a difficult one.

I don't have a clue why our side of the world hasn't learnt how to drive yet...oh no they know how to start a car, put it into gear and race off but do they know there are other people doing the same on the same route? All morality and ethic lessons are locked in the car boot, refusing to come out as I see the most educated(looking) people doing as bad on the roads as any other wagon driver, khota gaari wala and our very great motorcyslists...whoa I bow to them! If you have ever driven on these roads, you'd know the feeling AND its not a good one.

I struggle everyday amongst the never ending trail of insanely traffic honking the horns for no valid reason and my 5 years old asks everyday, why do they blow the horns too much!?!

We talk about changing the system but who is going to change it...these effing drivers who don't even want to drive in one lane!!!!

pardon me, if Ive stopped making sense...these are just the after effects!


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